‘Balance’ sees Clara Pople explore feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in cathartic fashion

The track is the focus of her stunning new debut EP It's The Girl.

The track is the focus of her stunning new debut EP It’s The Girl.

With the release of her stellar debut EP It’s The Girl, Clara Pople has immediately showcased herself as a unique and special talent in the UK music scene, boasting a sound that feels both effortlessly melodic and intrinsically her own with mountains of appeal and charm.

The focus track from the EP is its final track, ‘Balance’, a track that explores the feeling of being completely overwhelmed with life and on the verge of a breakdown, but somehow keeping your head above water and trying to roll with whatever gets thrown at you. The resilience displayed on the track and the relatable appeal makes for a track that feels super rousing and empowering at times, with its melodic charm and the artist’s charismatic appeal doing a great job of masking the stress and tension that is being exercised through the cathartic lyrics. The track is packed full of the distinctive appeal and powerful artistry that the artist has so quickly associated herself with, and does a great job of continuing to establish what makes the artist feel so exciting and fresh.