Coco Bevan pulls absolutely no punches on her emphatic second single ‘Bruised Ego’

The track follows her well released debut single 'Rebel Soul' from July.

The track follows her well released debut single ‘Rebel Soul’ from July.

On her scathing but exceptionally fun second single ‘Bruised Ego’, Sydney’s Coco Bevan continues to establish her unique brand of pop rock, showcasing both a melodic flair and an unrelenting cutting edge in devastating fashion.

The track goes from 1 to 100 with emphatic pace, transitioning from lush, composed verses to a truly seismic chorus that feels as satisfyingly cathartic and seething as it does memorable. Being a “fuckboy” is something that I would really recommend to anybody, but make sure that if you do that you steer well clear of Coco Bevan when she is in this kind of mood because you will get torn up in a track that’s too catchy and fun to argue with. A wonderfully immersive and memorable second single.