‘Painting Over Bad Blood’ is a thoughtful and creative new release from Danny Starr

The track is the lead single from the artist's upcoming EP For Hungrier Hearts.

The track is the lead single from the artist’s upcoming EP For Hungrier Hearts.

Over the last few years, UK artist Danny Starr has developed into an artist with a remarkably mature indie pop sound that explores his thoughts and feelings, pairing them attention-grabbing melodies and his incessant charm.

The latest release from the artist is the infectiously catchy, but bittersweet ‘Painting Over Bad Blood’, a track that explores some of the hardships that the artist has been through recently, particularly with matters involving his family. His sound has always been attributed as something as an outlet for the artist, and there is a real sense of catharsis that permeates his words. ‘Painting Over Bad Blood’ is just the latest example of a fiercely creative artist turning the world around him into relatable and poignant art.