‘Shape I’m In’ is an expansive and nostalgic new release from desk lamps

The track is part of the duo's upcoming new Conference Pop EP

The track is part of the duo’s upcoming new Conference Pop EP

As they prepare to release their upcoming Conference Pop EP, long-time friends Kevin Adamson and Rob Rieben, better known as desk lamps, have released the engrossing and affably creative new double single Shape I’m In / Rude Health, a glowing showcase of what is to come from the duo.

‘Shape I’m In’ is a wonderfully poised and compelling track that looks to capture the feeling of nostalgia and optimism that the two feel when looking back on carefree nights they spent together in the past, memories of drinks, cigarettes, and the sounds of The Velvet Underground and Nico inform a sound that feels resoundingly human and real, embodying feelings like optimism, anxiety and hope that make for a multi-faceted and grounded listening experience that will resonate deeply with anyone who looks back over similar memories with a pensive kind of fondness.

“Our aim with this track was to recreate the magic and excitement of those college days,” explains Adamson. “We wanted to capture the sense of immediacy and possibility that fuelled us back then.”