‘Raw Stuff’ from Didirri proves to be exactly what it says it is

The heartfelt piano ballad is a shining advertisement for the Australian artist

The heartfelt piano ballad is a shining advertisement for the Australian artist

‘Raw Stuff’ is an emotionally cutting and deeply engrossing track from Australian singer-songwriter Didirri. The piano ballad is sparsely arranged but finds depth in its thoughtful and relateable lyrics. The track speaks to an unspoken, universal experience where two people that, despite their closeness, are unable to open up to each other.

“For the first time in my life, I was skipping Christmas.

I was feeling very, very guilty about it. My passion for creative work had taken over too much of my life, so there I was, on the other side of the planet.” Didirri says.

“Though I was pursuing my creative goals, I was far from my family and friends. It was difficult to open up to someone I cared about back home. I couldn’t explain the mixed bag of emotions that was weighing me down so I gave up on the song quickly. It didn’t feel finished.

Two years later I’m in the studio… the phone rings and it’s the person I had felt cut off from that year I skipped Christmas. They said they had felt the same, and had found it hard to open up as well. And that they were skipping Christmas this year.

I instantly remembered the half-written song I never finished, and suddenly it all made sense. Part two.

Raw Stuff instantly falls into two parts. The first half is my side of miscommunication, and the second my reaction to hearing they felt the same.”

A powerful message is conveyed throughout the track and thankfully, the situation is resolved. By taking a personal story that resonates on a larger scale, Didirri has crafted a track that is both poignant and memorable. ‘Raw Stuff’ is a uniquely compelling ballad.