‘Beyond Me’ is a rousing indie rock anthem from Dubinski

The track is from the outfit's upcoming self-titled debut album.

The track is from the outfit’s upcoming self-titled debut album.

Edinburgh indie outfit Dubinski and their engaging brand of indie rock have been earning acclaim and fans over the last few years thanks to the personality and guile of their memorable sound, and each coming release seems to feel as distinctive as the last.

The latest release from the outfit is ‘Beyond Me’, an upbeat indie anthem that continues to showcase the slick appeal of the outfit and their sound. The track is stacked full of catchy moments and hooks, infectiously accessible and dripping with contemporary appeal. The track shows off what is probably the purest example of a straight up indie rock banger from the outfit, with the distinctive personality and charm that Dubinski bring to the table elevating it and making it feel distinctively their own. ‘Beyond Me’ is a charming and engaging release that feels tailor-made for indie disco dancefloors and rousing get-togethers.

Lyrically ‘Beyond Me’, says the band; “is inspired by the sense of inability to change one’s self, with the goal of avoiding the eventuality of getting into one failed relationship after another. We used downstrum, stabby chords and syncopated passing chords to create an almost classic indie rock sound”.