‘Live Wire’ is a captivating and poetic new release from Elba Rose

The track is from the artist's incredible new EP of the same name.

The track is from the artist’s incredible new EP of the same name.

On her thoughtful and engrossing new single ‘Live Wire’, CLOUT favourite Elba Rose continues to showcase a in immersive and stirring charm that sets her aside as a songwriter and artist.

The track melds her signature alternative pop sound with an almost old school hip-hop feel, packed full of subversive melodies and a haunting, eerie edge that provides an enchanting contrast to her ethereal vocals. The track explores the artist’s mental health struggles, likening them to a person following her around and waiting for her to trip up at any given opportunity. This is a really thoughtful way to articulating these issues that many listeners will resonate with, and is further evidence of the artist’s lasting appeal as an artist and songwriter who’s style and substance shines through on each new release.