Elinor Sitrish explores the pursuit of love on her new single ‘Just Like The Waves’

The track follows the artist's 2022 re-emergence with her single 'Still Alive'

The track follows the artist’s 2022 re-emergence with her single ‘Still Alive’

On her lush and poignant new single ‘Just Like The Waves’, Elinor Sitrish¬†explores the search for love that so many of us go through in our lives, and the ups and downs that can come with it.

The track features a really impassioned and powerful vocal performance from the LA based singer-songwriter, as she reflects on the resiliency and heart that we show as we continue to pick ourselves back up from setbacks and march on with our search to find what we’re looking for. From her captivating vocals, to the track’s atmospheric and alluring soundscape, ‘Just Like The Waves’ encapsulates this journey and its struggles perfectly, making for a cathartic and engaging release that so many will be able to relate to and feel seen.