‘confessions of a drama queen’ is the latest pure pop hit from emlyn

The emphatic single is the title track of emlyn's new EP.

The emphatic single is the title track of emlyn’s new EP.

emlyn has crafted a wonderful reputation as an artist who crafts impossibly melodic and infectious tracks that immediately feel like pop classics. Tracks such as ‘B.O.M.B’ and ‘a thousand parties’ have alerted pop fans of the immense potential that the artist possesses and bigger things look more and more certain with every release.

The latest example of this is ‘confessions of a drama queen’, an energetic and relentless ride that encapsulates the more raucous side of the artist’s sound. Complete with huge, huge vocals and a never-ending sense of adventure and enthusiasm, the track continues to establish emlyn and showcase yet another facet to her polished and powerful sound.

“The title track ‘confessions of a drama queen’ was loosely inspired by the 2004 Lindsay Lohan movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen that I loved growing up.” emlyn says of the track. “I had just watched the movie again and noticed how filled it was with over-the-top visuals and monologues, which got me thinking about the ever-famous Taylor Swift song ‘Blank Space.’ I always appreciated how, in the lyrics, Taylor used people’s assumptions about her reputation and blew them completely out of proportion to play with their conclusions about her, and point out how ridiculous it all was. I wanted to do the same thing with a sort of satirical approach on the classic trope of the ‘crazy girlfriend.’ I aimed to take people’s stereotypes about women being dramatic, crazy, and obsessive in the context of a relationship and really lean into it. Overall, it was such a fun song to write and while it is fairly satirical, I definitely also feel a little dramatic myself sometimes.”