‘John Wayne in a Prom Press’ is a charming and immersive new single from Eryn Michel

The track follows the release of the artist's 2022 debut single 'You Say'

The track follows the release of the artist’s 2022 debut single ‘You Say’

On her engrossing sophomore single ‘John Wayne in a Prom Dress’, rising artist Eryn Michel¬†does a really great job of continuing to establish her cinematic Americana sound and the endearing, character-filled nature of her vocals and personable lyrics.

The track does a great job of evoking the kind of small town spirit and relatability that so many of us life and experience every day, feeling almost conversational in tone and bringing out the best in the artist’s immersive songwriting. The sense of familiarity found within the track is also echoed through a sound that feels both nostalgic but also with a modern edge, encapsulating the artist’s distinctive charm and affable allure. ‘John Wayne in a Prom Dress’ is packed full of personality and uniqueness throughout, just packaged in a familiar and homely setting, and Eryn’s capabilities to capture these slices of life through her sound and writing should carry her a long way.