‘No One’ is a nuanced and expansive new release from indie pop band Express Office Portico

The track is the first single from rising band's upcoming debut EP Incommunicado

The track is the first single from rising band’s upcoming debut EP Incommunicado

Their groove-laden indie pop style has made Nottingham’s Express Office Portico into a growing force in the UK music scene, with their synthy allure and catchy melodies seeing them bubbling under the surface, ready to emerge as one of the regions most exciting acts with the release of their upcoming new EP Incommunicado.

The first single from the EP is ‘No One’, an expansive and engrossingly thoughtful track that explores the transition period when recovering from trauma, adjusting to stability and calm when it feels anything but compared to the surroundings that you’re used to. The shiny nature of their fun sound and their captivating charm ensures that the sound feels danceable and light in spite of its darker subject, creating an interesting duality that makes for a really memorable and multi-faceted listening experience.

“‘No One’ encapsulates the feeling of initial recovery from past trauma which can leave you feeling like a deer in the headlights.” Express Office Portico say of their new single. “What is seen as healthy and stable can feel alien to those who have experienced trauma and chaos for the majority of their lives, as well as for those that didn’t plan to make it into adulthood. When making that leap to recovery and trying to achieve stability, creating boundaries can feel like there’s no-one in your corner and that no-one warned you that sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. The beginning of a recovery journey is just that, the beginning.”