‘Swarm’ is a captivating and atmospheric new release from Fable

The track is from the exciting artist's debut album Shame.

The track is from the exciting artist’s debut album Shame.

Having established herself as an uncompromisingly creative artist with a plethora of unique concepts and ideas, Fable has becoming a regular presence on this site, with her engrossing and captivating singles leading up to the release to her debut album Shame.

The 11th track on that album, and the artist’s latest single, is ‘Swarm’, a brooding, acoustic guitar-based track that is deceptively simplistic in its form and its nature, but packs a lot of weight within its lyrics and the concept that the artist explores. The darkness and beguiling honesty that permeates Fable’s work is, as ever, on full display here, and the more straight-forward and bare nature of the sound provides a chance to get acquainted with the artist and her sound in a more intimate setting.

Speaking on the single, Fable says: “I had the lyric ‘Where do I end, where does the world begin?’ scrawled in my notepadIt’s making a stab at a difficult subject: What is I? These are the things that go through your mind when you start self-isolation, before the pandemic’s even begun.”