’empty towns’ is the latest showcase of frances mistry and her alluring indie pop charm

The track follows the release of 'live the life i'd never have' earlier this year.

The track follows the release of ‘live the life i’d never have’ earlier this year.

Since emerging in 2018 with her debut single ‘on my mind’, Brighton artist frances mistry¬†has been writing and producing songs in her bedroom and establishing her gorgeous brand of dreamy indie pop.

Her latest release ’empty towns’ continues to establish the lush qualities of the artist’s sound, from her soft, quietly-powerful vocals to the personality and charm that shines through her writing and the affable nature of it. frances is has a warm sound that feels as thoughtful and considered as it does rousing and nice, and the new release only highlights her authenticity and the candid and almost conversational nature of her writing. ’empty towns’ continues to signal the ascent of the young self-taught talent, and we’re looking forward to hearing where else she takes her alluring sound.