‘MOVE ON’ is an exciting and vibrant break up anthem from Gabrielle Sofia

The track follows the artist's well-received 2022 release 'CHANGE YOUR MOOD'. 

The track follows the artist’s well-received 2022 release ‘CHANGE YOUR MOOD’.

On her latest single ‘MOVE ON’, Canadian artist Gabrielle Sofia continues to showcase her EDM-tinged brand of pop that is packed full of the artist’s vibrant personality and creative, distinctive artistry.

The 20 year old writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and sound engineer displays all of her multi-faceted skills on the track, highlighted by its thoughtful narrative and eclectic, colourful soundscape. ‘MOVE ON’ is a more explosive and vibrant take on the break up anthem, providing a slick juxtaposition between its apologetic narrative and the brash, all-encompassing nature of the electronics and sheer energy of the track. The release does a great job of highlighting the artist’s unique appeal and charm as she continues to makes waves as an emerging artist.