‘Teenager’ is a brand new indie pop anthem from Triple J Unearthed winner George Alice

Still just 17, the artist is rapidly carving out a name for herself. 

Still just 17, the artist is rapidly carving out a name for herself.

George Alice‘s multi-faceted new single ‘Teenager’ is one that works in a multitude of ways. You can either view it as a fun and memorable indie pop bop if you choose to, or alternatively as a defiant rallying cry for the youth to step up and fight back against the establishment that has them so deeply disconnected and disenfranchised with the world around them.

The track itself is littered full of entertaining and catchy moments, boasting a chorus that is sure to whir around your head for days, and George’s great vocal performance that leaves a lasting and rousing impression. The Adelaide local looks to be going from strength to strength, and at this rate, we’re not quite sure what can stop her.

About Teenager George says:

“I wrote ‘Teenager’ with Maribelle right after I left high-school, I’d just finished a lot of international travel and was still really overwhelmed by the last year. Every line has a different meaning and was somehow relevant in my life, the main one being the sarcasm behind the phrase’ I’m just a fucking teenager”. I felt really underestimated in the music industry being so young, I know so many teenagers feel this way in the schooling system too, so I wanted to bring attention to it. I hope this song can be the making of more unique individuals and kids stepping out being who they are.”