‘Make Me Wanna’ is an upbeat and thoughtful new single from Gia Darcy

The track is the second single from the artist's upcoming new EP

The track is the second single from the artist’s upcoming new EP

Developing feelings for someone is a sensation that is both one of the most fulfilling and daunting experiences that we can go through, a rollercoaster of emotions that feels both uncertain and intoxicating, and latest Gia Darcy single ‘Make Me Wanna’ explores the push and pull of these feelings and the conflicting emotions that come with it.

The track finds the artist both intoxicated by her feelings and inexplicably drawn to someone while trying to resist them due to the fear of letting somebody in. Her wonderfully modern and expansive soundscape and assured vocal performance bring the track to life in rousing and memorable fashion, bringing her relatable lyrics to life in the most vibrant and compelling of ways and making for a modern alt-pop banger that is packed with both style and substance.