‘paul blart mall cop’ is a vibrant and intimate new release from girlhouse

The track follows on from the artist's latest release the second EP.

The track follows on from the artist’s latest release the second EP.

Lauren Luiz, better known as girlhouse, is an artist who has been gaining acclaim as of late for her vibrant sounds and forthright, candid lyrics and themes within her work. Following on from the rousing success of her second EP, the aptly titled the second EP, the artist has released a track that is less aptly titled, a frank and candid admission of the artist’s struggles with depression titled ‘paul blart mall cop’.

The track however, does a wonderful job of continuing to highlight girlhouse’s progression as an artist as she explores more rousing and soaring euphoric sounds, providing an interesting contrast to the more sobering, intimate lyrics. The result seems to come off with an unerring seamlessness though, and continues to chronicle the evolution of girlhouse as she grows into a bedroom-pop powerhouse before our eyes.

Speaking about the new track, she said, “The story is of me facing the ultimate dilemma as a person that has dealt with depression for a majority of their life, not wanting to live but not wanting to die.”