‘luv 2 the beat’ is a fun electro-dance banger from exciting talent Gwyn Love

The track continues to document the artist's authentic pursuit of self-acceptance. 

The track continues to document the artist’s authentic pursuit of self-acceptance.

With her genre-fluid sound and memorable charisma and personality, Gwyn Love has wasted no time establishing herself as an exciting talent with a world of potential thanks to her fun sound.

Her latest release ‘luv 2 the beat’ is an anthem about sexual freedom and liberation, set to a fun electronic soundscape that encapsulates this feeling of cutting edge and excitement. The artist’s sound continues to reflect her journey into self-acceptance, feeling more unique and distinctive to herself with each of her releases. Gwyn is an exciting talent who has an innate ability to venture out with her sound and experiment while never losing the accessible feel that draws so many to listen.

Breaking down the barriers of the environment they grew up in, Gwyn Love’s latest release is an anthem of authenticity. “luv 2 the beat is a song about sexual freedom,” Gwyn shares. “It has taken me so long to feel comfortable talking about that, especially coming from a religious household. This song has become my queer anthem and represents freedom and fun!