‘Lavender Daydream’ is a thoughtful and immersive new single from Hannah Telle

The track is from the artist's upcoming third full length LP. 

The track is from the artist’s upcoming third full length LP.

Hannah Telle is an artist who began crafting songs as a therapeutic outlet when dealing with depression, and her sound has this euphoric, effervescent quality that echoes this sentiment through its swirling, engaging appeal and the quietly powerful nature of her vocals.

On the lush new single ‘Lavender Daydream’, the artist does a great job of reminding us what makes the artist feel so exciting and special, with the North Carolina native exploring living in LA and the complex range of emotions that come with the peaks and valleys of living in a place filled with such excess, beauty and pain. What shines through on the track is the ethereal and catchy charm of the artists sound, particularly on a chorus that borders on feeling haunting thanks to the artist’s delivery and and the way that her voice sits alongside the instrumentation. The end result is a release that feels poignant and bittersweet throughout, while maintaining a complex, conflicted view of a city that can seemingly give you everything as soon as it can take it away.