‘fear the mourning’ is an expansive and rewarding journey of a track from HATS TM

The track follows the release of their debut single 'last stop' from May

The track follows the release of their debut single ‘last stop’ from May

On their compelling and atmospheric sophomore single ‘fear the mourning’, HATS TM (stylised HATS™) has continued to establish the wholly ethereal and unique tone of their expansive sound and the uniquely rich and evocative listening experience that their beautiful sound provides.

The new single has an enigmatic and slow-burning appeal to it throughout, growing from carefully layered vocals to a stunning array of sounds that feels increasingly exciting and dynamic as the track unfolds and reveals more and more facets. The artist’s soaring and shapeshifting vocals feels beguiling and enchanting throughout the track while setting the tone with an effortlessly cryptic appeal that adds to the sense of intrigue and uniqueness that saturates their work. Across almost five minutes the artist commands your attention and rewards you for it with a track that opens itself up over time and is packed full of stylistic surprises that invariably hit the mark and feel satisfying.

‘fear the mourning’ was released via Riser, a platform for new music and artists. It is an ethical, not for profit music label created by Reading-based music charity, Readipop, supported by Arts Council England.