‘Anti-Stress’ is a emotionally charged, yet colourful new release from Ida Fiona

The track is the second single from the artist's upcoming debut EP.

The track is the second single from the artist’s upcoming debut EP.

The quirky appeal of Ida Fiona and her distinctive and playful indie pop sound has earned the Stockholm- and Sandnes-based artist and songwriter tonnes of acclaim and admirers over the last few years, and her impending debut EP only looks shower her with even more.

The artist’s second single from the EP is ‘Anti-Stress’, a personal and endearingly vulnerable new release that sees the artist baring her soul and talking about her anxieties and worries. This provides the artist’s aforementioned playful and fun sound with a real sense of gravity and emotion, making for an interesting feel to the track that feels both colourful and fun but with this real sense of heart and the weight of the lyrics. The track is packed full of the unique personality of Ida Fiona and feels entirely her own, making for a listening experience that feels as captivating and distinctive as it is catchy.