Ida Fiona establishes herself as an exciting new pop talent on ‘OFF SWITCH’

The track follows the artists fun debut single 'FOMO'.

The track follows the artists fun debut single ‘FOMO’.

With a fresh and colourful brand of electronic pop, Ida Fiona is an Norwegian artist based in Sweden beginning to really makes waves and carve out a name for herself. Boasting the bombast and multicoloured fun of 80s pop but lacked with more cutting edge modern tendencies, Ida’s sound is one that feels both familiar and exciting. ‘OFF SWITCH’ is only the second single from the artist but one that really emphasises the sense of fun and adventure that the project has.

In a narrative sense, the track tells a different story altogether, masking its neurotic and emotionally exhausted lyrics with its vibrant sounds, creating a unique and massive juxtaposition. Ida Fiona is an artist who is establishing herself and the depth to her work with her initial releases, and the first signs are very encouraging.