‘What’s Inside?’ is a slick new single from rising Lithuanian R&B artist Irma Vado

The slick new single is from the artist's debut album AQUARIUM

The slick new single is from the artist’s debut album AQUARIUM

With the release of her engrossing debut LP AQUARIUM, Lithuanian singer-songwriter, record producer and mixing engineer Irma Vado has provided listeners with the most comprehensive and engrossing look at her slick sound to date, boasting an effortless swagger and appeal that is found throughout her compelling R&B sound.

A highlight of the album is the second track ‘What’s Inside?’, a track that showcases an artist brimming full of confidence and composure, complete a laid-back blend of R&B and hip-hop sound that is characterised by its fun beats, infectious bassline, and the artist’s engrossing lyrics and vocals and coolness that she exudes throughout. The track does a great job of encapsulating everything that makes the album feel so inviting and fun, and laying the foundations for bigger and more expansive things for the future from the artist.