‘Stop, Rewind’ is an uncompromisingly fun new release from Ivy Ash

The track showcases the artist at her most confident and colourful. 

The track showcases the artist at her most confident and colourful.

UK DIY artist Ivy Ash has been making a name for herself over the last few years thanks to her colourful sound and infectious sense of energy and personality. The artist’s latest single ‘Stop, Rewind’ is a lively and fun track that showcases everything that makes the artist feel so fresh and exciting.

From the second that its bouncy, electronic soundscape kicks in you’re left in no doubt of what is in store, with the captivating, dancy banger stacked full of fun moments and nostalgic, technicolour vibes. There is such an all-encompassing atmosphere of confidence and empowerment that radiates through the track, both through its lyrics and its larger than life, uncompromisingly brash sound. The charisma and guile of Ivy Ash literally pours from this track, and it serves as an unshakably catchy reminder of the artist’s lush pop appeal.

“I first performed this at Warwickshire Pride 2022 as a sneak peek into what I was working on at the time. It was only at the demo stage then. I’m so happy to finally get this song together to make it ready for release. It’s such a dance banger, and I’m really proud of the confident message that it shows.

I worked with Norwegian producer and songwriter Jonas Jensen (from The Woods, Norway) on “Stop, Rewind” and we completed the whole project via Zoom, it was challenging but so much fun, and it’s always great to get a fresh set of ears on your music.”