‘CUT’ is the latest razor sharp release from the effortlessly cool Jaguar Jonze

The track follows the similarly powerful 'WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?'

The track follows the similarly powerful ‘WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?’

Jaguar Jonze does not miss. Inescapably cool and packing a razor sharp edge, the Australian-based singer, producer, songwriter, and multimedia artist has rapidly established herself as one of the most engaging and captivating artists bubbling under the radar right now.

Latest release ‘CUT’ is a swaggering new example of this effortless, effortless coolness that the artist possesses, moving at a deliberate, sauntering pace and brimming full of power and finesse. There is a real defiance to Jaguar Jonze and her sound, and everything from the track’s smoky, poised vocals to her acerbic, cutting lyrics just feels larger than life and unshakable.

“‘CUT’ is the anger behind realizing that people you trusted professionally have been gaslighting you and manipulating your reality – constantly taking from you in a one-way transaction,” says Jaguar Jonze. “Once I realized what was happening, it was a long journey of breaking free from those environments and, more importantly, understanding that what happened had nothing to do with me. It spawned from their deep insecurity and greediness. I was then able to deprogram myself – I wanted nothing but to CUT, get out, and take back control.”