Jaguar Jonze slows things down on the effortlessly rousing, anthemic new release ‘LITTLE FIRES’

The artist showcases a very real, vulnerable side that isn't seen often

The artist showcases a very real, vulnerable side that isn’t seen often

Singer, producer, songwriter, and multimedia artist Jaguar Jonze has rapidly became one of our favourite artists thanks for her explosive and cutting edge sound, but latest release ‘LITTLE FIRES’ showcases a more heartfelt side to the multi-talented artist.

The track if anything, just further showcases the sheer range that the artist has. Not only can she seem to do pretty much everything, but continues to show that she can do these things in a wide range of different styles and with different approaches, usually acerbic and cutting with her sound and lyrics, ‘LITTLE FIRES’ is an anthemic and rousing track about the fight within us, and the power that we can all possess collectively. The Taiwanese-Australian artist is truly beginning to feel like a generational artist, and one that continues to surprise and beguile us with each and every release. ‘LITTLE FIRES’ is a track that resonates on a completely different level thanks to the sheer emotional power that is found within it. An immaculate release from an artist that we have come to expect no less from.

Jaguar Jonze says, “Little Fires is a reminder about where we’ve come from, what we are fighting for, and what we can achieve when we work together. And it’s a reminder that we are not alone. I wanted my Eurovision song to be for those moments where it was hard to stay strong, for those times I felt overwhelmed by what I had taken on.”