Jazz Mino has no time for time-wasting exes on new release ‘Sorry Ur Bored’

The memorable new tune is from the artist's upcoming new EP Someone Else To Talk To

The memorable new tune is from the artist’s upcoming new EP Someone Else To Talk To

Emerging UK pop artist Jazz Mino has been steadily putting together a back catalogue of memorable and engrossing pop hits, packed full of enticing hooks and the artist’s unique, fun appeal. New release ‘Sorry Ur Bored’ is a welcome new example of the artist’s talents.

The third and final single from her upcoming EP Someone Else To Talk To continues to establish the artist as one to watch, packing a hugely catchy and emphatic sound that showcases her fierce, pop credentials. Everything from the tracks driving guitars to Jazz’s effortless and empowered vocals clamors for your attention succeeds. ‘Sorry Ur Bored’ is a fun piece of pop that bodes well for the release of the artist’s highly-awaited new EP.

“SYB is my favourite song from the EP.” Jazz says of the track. It’s about that ex that just won’t get out of your life. You both know it’s over, but when they’re bored they slide in your dms pretending like you’re all good & you never broke up”.