Jazzboy is glad Christmas is over with this murderous pop stomp

For all the Scrooges amongst you...

For all the Scrooges amongst you…

Christmas may be over for another year but in the music realm, we’re not quite done. Sticking the knife in the jugular of the festive season, Jazzboy celebrates the passing of the holidays in ‘Xmas Will Never Happen Again’.

One third of French pop trio Las Aves, the Parisian-based artist resurfaces with a dystopian Yuletide soundtrack that makes good on all the best bits that we love of his main musical endeavours. Sprung with a toe-tapping rhythm and glacial chimes, the track is perhaps the most therapeutic murder has ever sounded.

“The changes I’ve been through in my personal life over the last year got me feeling like a child whose fairy-world has collapsed in front of their very eyes, like a kid witnessing a dead Santa Claus in bloodstained snow,” shares Jazzboy of the single. “Something graphic, violent and irrevocable.”

‘Xmas Will Never Happen Again’ is available now.