‘Invisible Wall’ is a nostalgic and fun new single from Jewelia

The new single is from the artist's upcoming sophomore album Little Wins

The new single is from the artist’s upcoming sophomore album Little Wins

Establishing herself as a fun and exciting alternative pop artist over the last few years, complete with a thoughtful writing style and unique, quirky appeal, Jewelia looks to expand her sonic world and enhance her reputation further with the release of her upcoming sophomore LP Little Wins, and her latest single ‘Invisible Wall’ is the perfect showcase of her engrossing new direction.

The track has an impossibly fun retro sheen to it that feels nostalgic while also packing a dynamic modern appeal thanks to her raft of different influences and styles. Ideas that evoke the spirit of the 80s, 90s and 2000s come together to create a sound and style that feels almost futuristic in the way that it combines them. The result is a track that is packed full of unique charm and style, and one that highlights Jewelia’s ability and willingness to innovate and take risks with her sound.

Jewelia says, “I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into a retro pop sound and imagery. I actually wrote ‘Invisible Wall’ back in 2017, and it stayed in the vault up until last year, when I realised that it fitted perfectly within the concept of my new album. In video games, an invisible wall is a boundary that limits where the player can go, even though there’s nothing physically there to stop them. It seems like the perfect analogy for the pre-guided life pathways that society tends to force us into, but also for self-limiting thought patterns, both of which are driving ideas behind the concept of ‘Little Wins’.”