‘Second Better’ is a bittersweet indie pop anthem from Jewelia

The track follows the artist's excellent last single 'No Lover'. 

The track follows the artist’s excellent last single ‘No Lover’.

Thanks to her incredibly fun and personality-filled sound, London-based Romanian artist Jewelia has really carved out a name for herself with her slew of memorable and nostalgia-infused releases. Her sound branches from peppy indie pop to piano driven ballads and storytelling, and each of these forms a sound that is coated in modern pop appeal and charm.

The latest release from the artist is her new single ‘Second Best’, a track that transforms from an intimate acoustic ballad to fully-fledged indie pop anthem in seamless and rousing fashion. The track explores the idea of being “average” and the fixation that society and people have from breaking away from this norm and wanting to be something more, even though many of us never will. The artist’s bittersweet tone on the track and her infectious catchy charm ensures that ‘Second Best’ is a track that feels as memorable as it does thoughtful, and continues to showcase the exciting talent that the emerging artist is.

 “Coming to terms with the fact that you are average is not a topic that is covered much in pop culture,” Jewelia explains. “If that sounds like a depressing subject to you, ask yourself why. It shouldn’t be – most of us are just like that”.