Jouska return with the chunky electronica of ‘Born In Cash’

If you like Grimes or The Internet, this one's for you!

If you like Grimes or The Internet, this one’s for you!

Norwegian duo Jouska return with new single ‘Born In Cash’. The track follows 2020’s earlier single ‘Bring You Back’.

Bold and experimental, ‘Born In Cash’ a striking turn for the pair. Deploying chunky, unapologetic production, the synths meander from warm and lucid to frigid and oppressive. Skittish beats propel the track forwards, whilst static friction gurns intermittently, catching listeners unawares and ejecting them from their reverie.

“It’s about toxic relationships,” share Jouska of their new single. “And loving someone that constantly takes advantage of you and controls your every move.” If you love Grimes, you’ll love this.

‘Born In Cash’ is available now.