‘Big Old Yellow Moon’ is a liberating and charming country-pop single from Julianna MacDowell

The track is from the artist's 2023 album of the same name

The track is from the artist’s 2023 album of the same name

Throughout her stellar latest album Big Old Yellow Moon, engrossing country-pop artist Julianna MacDowell¬†did a really wonderful job of continuing to establish the timeless appeal of her sound, crafting alluring ballads and upbeat country-pop bangers that would feel fresh and captivating in any era of music, highlighting the artist’s inherent charm and allure.

The title track from the album is a track that encapsulates this appeal with relative ease, melding thoughtful melodies with a narrative about finding yourself following a breakup that feels empowering and liberating throughout. The instantly memorable charm of the track’s catchy chorus and the resonating and stirring tone of Julianna’s vocals bring ‘Big Old Yellow Moon’ to life in gloriously warm fashion, making for a sound that feels as endearing as it is cathartic.