Kat Penkin releases an intimate and emotional new video for ‘Checkmate’

It is the title track from her brand new EP of the same name.

It is the title track from her brand new EP of the same name.

Australia-raised, UK-based singer-songwriter Kat Penkin has really been carving a name out for herself as of late with her unfiltered brand of unapologetic pop. Blessed with a soulful voice and a radio-ready sound, the artist seems primed to break out in 2022.

On her latest release ‘Checkmate’, the title track of her new EP, Kat leans heavily into her more soulful side, and when paired with her refreshingly candid lyrics and personality, this makes for a really distinctive and engaging feeling package. Kat is more than establishing herself as an artist with a unique aura around her and an incredibly exciting and engaging approach to her songwriting. Checkmate the EP has proven to be the most fleshed out and realised example of Kat Penkin’s talents to date.

The track’s new video is shows a relationship in their must intimate and vulnerable moments, creating a scene that feels lived and authentic. There is a real sense of unease as things seem to unravel in real time, accompanied Kat’s soulful, but ultimately doomed sound and lyrics.

Kat explains; ‘Unfortunately, the ‘checkmate’ music video is based on a real story of an unhealthy love, suffocating 2 people who don’t know how to leave. Being able to bring this to life and work on such an intimate level with a wondering team was extremely empowering and I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to create something like this.’