‘World Stand Still’ is a sentimental and inspiring single from Kenny Sharp

The track is from the artist's stellar latest EP Sidecar.

The track is from the artist’s stellar latest EP Sidecar.

With the release of his new EP Sidecar, US artist Kenny Sharp continues to showcase the effortlessly captivating, endlessly charismatic charm of his engrossing, sound, adding to his ever-growing catalogue of immersive, easy-going anthems.

The first track from the release is ‘World Stand Still’, a track that perfectly encapsulates everything that makes Kenny feel so special and revered. The track starts off in classic fashion, with a stripped-back sound showcasing the artist’s profound ability to captivate a space with his soulful allure and picturesque storytelling, but as the track progresses it grows into something else altogether. Things switch up and the track grows restless and invitingly danceable, picking up the tempo as the artist celebrates being unapologetically and unabashedly yourself in an ever changing world and climate. In a world that is so busy, so demanding and so relentless, Kenny Sharp’s sound urges you to take a moment to sit back and just listen, and his melodic appeal makes it easy to follow suit.