Bob Vylan join Kid Kapichi on their unwavering and defiant new release ‘New England’

The challenging track kicks off the cycle towards Kid Kapichi's anticipated second album

The challenging track kicks off the cycle towards Kid Kapichi’s anticipated second album

When you think about uncompromising and forthright artists in the UK music scene right now, Kid Kapichi and Bob Vylan, and the artist’s have come together on the new single ‘New England’, a track exactly as searing and uncompromising as you would expect.

The track is stacked full of gritty imagery and a grimy, British sense of realism, as Kid Kapichi hold a mirror up to Blighty and expose some of the hypocrisies and fundamental problems with the nation. The Bob Vylan feels incendiary and bile-filled and just stockpiles on this sense of disdain and discontent that is created on the track. ‘New England’ is truly a soundtrack for our time, and showcases both artist’s as a gritty, but urgently needed dose of reality in a time of ever-expanding smoke and mirrors.