‘Bloom’ is a gorgeously poised and immersive new release from Kimaya Diggs

The track is from the rising talent’s excellent new album Quincy

Boasting an effortlessly immersive, soulful sound that is packed full of contemporary appeal and charm, Kimaya Diggs feels like an emerging star that is just waiting to happen (or ‘Bloom’, if you like), a severely underrated talent who’s sound effortlessly transports you to an otherworldly feeling of bliss and transcendence.

A wonderful example of this is ‘Bloom’, a gorgeous track about having patience and believing in the process as you wait for things to get better. From the poignant nature of the lyrics to the captivating soundscape, everything about this track feels perfectly poised and in place. As a queer desi and Black musician, Kimaya hopes to serve as an inspiration and source of light for others in similar situations to herself, and this track and her new album Quincy¬†are a wonderful showcase of what Kimaya Diggs is capable of.

“My family plants bulbs every year for my mom’s birthday in November.” Kimaya says of the track. “It always felt weird planting things as the winter approached. But in order for bulbs to bloom, they need to freeze first. It’s a reminder to me that no matter how hard things get, it’s all preparation for the blooming that’s to come. When my mom died, I held that image in my heart day after day.”

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