‘Night Wars’ is a masterclass in crafting captivating and thoroughly unique pop from Lees

The track is from the artist's upcoming debut EP of the same name.

The track is from the artist’s upcoming debut EP of the same name.

Boasting a uniquely off-kilter feel and absolutely oozing with heart and soul, latest Lees release ‘Night Wars’ continues to cement the artist’s place as one of the UK’s premiere emerging talents.

The hotly-tipped newcomer is at her captivating and ethereal best on the release. Melding trip-hop infused verses with a huge, instantly unforgettable chorus that ties the track together masterfully. ‘Night Wars’ is an sensational track that lulls you in slowly before blowing you away and leaving a sincere, lasting impression. Lees is an artist who’s work bleeds with authenticity and heart, and she has crafted a truly unique and touching sound that feels both distinctly her own, and worth stopping what you’re doing to soak in.

“I wrote Night Wars at the end of a relationship when I was still hoping that things would work out.” Lees says of the track. “The damage was deep but because there was still love between us, I kept holding onto this romanticized idea that a grand gesture could make it all better – that he’d suddenly come through and be the person I needed him to be.”