‘Quiet Covers Up a Lot’ is a great showcase of Leon in the Wild and his sunny, energetic appeal

The track is from the emerging artist's excellent new self-titled EP.

The track is from the emerging artist’s excellent new self-titled EP.

With a number of styles that characterise his unique sound alongside a winning sense of charm and personality, Leon in the Wild is an emerging artist who reaches from around the spectrum of pop and rock to create a sunny sound that feels entirely his own. His debut self-titled EP does a great job of highlighting his unique appeal, with a collection of tracks that are laced in his charismatic, emphatic appeal.

One of these tracks is ‘Quiet Covers Up a Lot’, an energetic ball of fun that shows off the catchy, almost 90s indie rock charm of Leon and his sound, complete with an attitude-filled chorus and an all around sense of drive and fun. All of the music is written, recorded, mixed, and mastered from the artist’s home, and this shines through on the tracks and provides them with a sense of rawness and creativity that feels earnest and authentic. This sense of upbeat charm and rock-edged dynamism makes for a really engaging sound that boasts both a catchy, personable appeal and guitar-driven, more rock-edged power.