‘No Worries…’ is a feel-good and relatable electro-pop gem from Lexi Mariah

The track is the exciting rising artist's first new release of 2023.

The track is the exciting rising artist’s first new release of 2023.

Over the last few years, rising pop artist Lexi Mariah has done a really rousing job of establishing and highlighting the fun appeal of her catchy pop sound, amassing a collection of engaging and colourful releases along the way.

The latest of these releases from the artist is her new single ‘No Worries…’, an instantly relatable and infectiously catchy track that continues to showcase the charm and sheer good vibes that radiate from the artist and her sound. Fans of pop music will find a lot to love here, from the artist’s assured vocal performance to the feel-good nature of the driving instrumental and all around positive atmosphere created on the track. ‘No Worries…’ is an upbeat, electro-pop banger that is perfect to put on when hanging out with friends or looking for an energetic pick me up.