‘Blue Crystal’ is an intense and atmospheric debut single from pop-rock upstart Linnèa

The track is from the emerging artist's upcoming debut EP Fixation.

The track is from the emerging artist’s upcoming debut EP Fixation.

With a vibrant and energy soaked pop-rock sound that feels like a love letter to similar sounds of the 90s, emerging artist Linnèa has immediately established her charismatic, raw-edged sound with her debut single ‘Blue Crystal’.

The track is a track with a brooding sense of immersive darkness and intensity, from the crashing, guitar driven instrumental to lyrics that deal with themes like heartbreak and mental health. Linnèa’s sound has this powerful gravity and aura that surrounds it and makes for a captivating listening experience, melding enticing melodies with an authentic and vulnerable sense of artistry and honesty. ‘Blue Crystal’ serves as part of the artist’s debut EP Fixation, and is a fierce statement of intent from the artist and a glimpse of what is yet to come.