Linnéa explores her mind on the intense and creative new single ‘Lonely’

The track follows the release of the artist's debut single 'Blue Crystal'.

The track follows the release of the artist’s debut single ‘Blue Crystal’.

Following on from her well-received debut single ‘Blue Crystal’, Linnéa is back with her sophomore release ‘Lonely’, with both tracks coming from the artist’s upcoming debut EP Fixation.

A big theme from the forthcoming release is the darker side of mental health, and ‘Lonely’ is a track that provides us with a glimpse into the mind of Linnéa in emphatic and intimate fashion. There is an intensity and a building sense of tension throughout the track that never really subsides or relents, from the unsettling nature of the instrumental to a vocal style that can feel frenzied and disconcerting at times. The uncertain nature of the artist’s mental state on the track is captured effortlessly through the chaotic nature of the soundscape, just adding to this aura of discontent. The more melodic nature of ‘Blue Crystal’ is traded her for something that makes it feel all the more frantic and intense. On the whole, this makes ‘Lonely’ a truly unique and interesting release that is packed full of weird tonal shifts and unpredictable moments, making for a listening experience that will stick with you following its conclusion.