‘Certainly Lord’ is a powerful and genre-defying new release from Lisa Ramsey

The track is the New York-based artist's first release of 2022.

The track is the New York-based artist’s first release of 2022.

Boasting a sound that feels both timeless and modern, Lisa Ramsey and her hard-hitting vocals have been earning increasing levels of acclaim and adoration over the last few years as she grows her arsenal of stellar and immersive tracks.

The latest of which is the impatful new single ‘Certainly Lord’, a track that pairs her powerful vocals with everything from wistful, dreamy passages to stomping guitar riffs, and more or less everything in between. The track is an odyssey of sounds and ideas, something that transcends genre in a way that never feels forced or jarring. ‘Certainly Lord’ is a testament to the diversity and deftness of the artist, and a showcase of the depth and variety that her sound that possess.