‘No Place Like This’ is a gorgeous showcase of Liz Lieber’s endearing and warm sound

The track is the artist's first release since 'Mess With Gravity' back in 2020.

The track is the artist’s first release since ‘Mess With Gravity’ back in 2020.

Taking inspiration from The Wizard of Oz, latest Liz Lieber single ‘No Place Like This’ feels every part as magical and enchanting as the 1939 film, with the artist’s immersive storytelling and gorgeous sound making for a compelling and captivating listening experience throughout.

The New York singer-songwriter explores the idea of finding happiness and falling in love on the track, finding the beauty in the simple things in life and appreciating what you have. There is a truly endearing and powerful feel to the soft appeal of the sound and the endlessly affable charm that Liz possesses. Complete with a similarly engrossing animated video, the new single does a great job of highlighting exactly what makes Liz Lieber’s charming, warm style feel so endearing and special.