‘Nothing Hurts Better’ sees Lorelei Marcell emerge from a dark place sounding better than ever

The track comes off the back of the artist's memorable collaboration with The Grand Mess on 'Masterpiece'.

The track comes off the back of the artist’s memorable collaboration with The Grand Mess on ‘Masterpiece’.

Now well established as an indie pop artist with a vibrant and colourful sound, and armed with a back catalogue full of immersive and engaging tracks, Lorelei Marcell¬†feels like an artist who is going through a purple patch as of late, and can now add her new single ‘Nothing Hurts Better’ to her list of instantly memorable pop bangers.

The track has an air of perseverance and optimism about it, from the soaring vocals that the artist is growing known for to the lush electronic soundscape that feels packed full of energy and life. ‘Nothing Hurts Better’ is a track that feels steeped in vulnerability and realness, there is an earnestness to the vocals and the emotive delivery that feels earned, amplifying the already engaging and captivating feel of the track. There is a darkness to the sound initially, but that feels emphatically washed away by the time that the cathartic instrumentation and Lorelei come into full flow, creating a stunning and memorably rousing listening experience that continues to shine a light on the artist’s talents.