‘Knees’ is an immersive new piece of storytelling from Low Girl

The outfit's candid and melodic sound continues to shine on the new track.

The outfit’s candid and melodic sound continues to shine on the new track.

Multi-instrumentalist Sarah Cosgrove and her band are Low Girl, a musical outlet that invariably showcases the former spilling her guts and transferring her vulnerabilities and experiences into relatable, candidly written tracks that deal with life and all of its pitfalls.

This is something that is especially true of their new single ‘Knees’, a track that feels like something of an expectations/reality moment, as the artist daydreams about her relationship and circumstances working out fine while it continuously falls apart in real time. This earnest writing and the artist’s affable appeal are what have made Low Girl into such a lauded outfit in recent times, with her matter of fact approach to writing and the fun, immersive soundscapes that surround them making for a listening experience that feels quite wholesome and personal, creating a connection through the words and sounds that leaves a lasting impression and charm.

Sarah Cosgrove says of the track: “This song is about feeling overwhelmed. I had just moved into a new flat but I couldn’t afford to do anything *but* live there. I felt like a failure, and I knew my partner wanted more from me even though I felt like I was already giving everything I could. To be something more, I would have to sacrifice my own dreams and sense of self. I express my frustration at feeling unsupported as well as drifting off into an imaginary world where I fulfill my dreams and they do too – everything works out. The allure of that daydream is what keeps me in this never-ending fight with my girlfriend. Yet, a part of me acknowledges that to live our dreams, we can’t be together. The cracks begin to form.”