‘Lighter Than Before’ is a joyful and optimistic new release from Luna Keller

The charming track is the latest instalment from the artist's upcoming concept album Ocean Inside Of Me

The charming track is the latest instalment from the artist’s upcoming concept album Ocean Inside Of Me

Continuing her theme of self-acceptance and finding light in a world that was otherwise steeped in darkness, engrossing singer-songwriter Luna Keller‘s latest single ‘Lighter Than Before’ is a track that continues along the artist’s deeply personal journey that she explores on upcoming new album Ocean Inside Of Me, the track serving as Chapter IX of the collection.

The easy-going and uplifting nature of the sound feels truly rousing and charming throughout, especially when compared to some of the darker and more intense moments that have consumed some of the artist’s journey and her tracks. There is a sense of joy and relief that radiates throughout the track, having emerged from her darkness and hopefully facing a future that of renewal and resilience that means that these times are behind her. Luna Keller has always been a master of conveying different emotions and themes through her art, and this track does a great job of showering everything around it with the kind of tension-releasing euphoria that the track celebrates throughout.

“We can only see the stars at night, and walking through our darkness can help us to see and appreciate our own light more.” Luna Keller says of the new single. “I don’t want to take away from how terrible it was to go through depression, definitely do not recommend that experience. But I did go through it and since I can’t change that I might as well try to get something positive out of it. The truth is that before things got bad I hadn’t really faced myself and accepted myself fully. The inner work I had to do to pull myself out of that whole has become the foundation to the much healthier and joyful relationship that I have with myself”