‘delusional’ is a dreamy and hopelessly romantic new single from Maddie Hanna

The track is from the rising artist's dreamy new debut EP Fuchsia Dreams

The track is from the rising artist’s dreamy new debut EP Fuchsia Dreams

With the release of her encouraging and engrossing debut EP Fuchsia Dreams, rising Chicago bedroom-pop artist Maddie Hanna has provided listeners with the most expansive and complete showcase of her sound to date, highlighting the dreamy and sultry tone of her distinctive style with a deftness and sense of composure that feels infectious throughout.

A highlight from the five-track release is ‘delusional’, a slow-burning and intoxicating track that shows off the artist’s masterful, laid-back appeal, complete with hypnotic beats and painfully relatable lyrics that will resonate with a lot of listeners. Thematically, it explores the kind of relationship where you willingly ignore any red flags or signs of problems that you see in the person you’re dating because you’re too obsessed to allow yourself to face the reality, inevitably leading to pain and heartache down the line. The artist’s enthralling style and the resonating appeal the lyrics makes for a compelling listening experience that is packed full of everything that makes Maddie Hanna feel so unique and fresh.