‘feeling too much’ is a reflective and captivating new single from Mae Krell

The track is the latest engrossing taste of the artist's highly-awaited upcoming debut album

The track is the latest engrossing taste of the artist’s highly-awaited upcoming debut album

As Mae Krell has gradually released more and more tracks from her upcoming debut album, the collection of tracks has slowly revealed itself to be a deeply personal and powerful collection of tracks that encapsulates the world around the artist and the experiences and memories that she has, told in an almost conversational and familiar fashion.

The latest of these new releases is ‘feeling too much’, a track that takes on a fuller approach stylistically compared to a lot of her work that feels more classic folk, finding the artist in introspective and self-aware territory as she dissects the emotional nature of her sound and songwriting. This makes for a track that feels somehow even more vulnerable and poignant from the artist, pulling back the curtain to let the listener even further into her world and inner monologues. This makes for a track that feels enchanting and captivating, maintaining the artist’s distinctive earnest appeal but presented in a unique and creative way, further exemplifying her genius as an artist.