Marsicans unveil “Juliet”, an indie-wonder that clearly states they’re ones to watch

Marsicans unveil “Juliet”, an indie-wonder that clearly states they're ones to watch

Taken off their upcoming debut album ‘Ursa Major’, the album will be released May 22nd through Killing Moon Records

Marsicans, pronounced as ‘Mar-sick-anz”, return with their killer new single ‘Juliet’. Written at a difficult time of uncertainty for frontman James Newbigging, the positive outcome of that time came as a pure, indie hit.

Featuring hook lines that will bury itself in your mind, the memorable track deserves to be in it’s own realm. “Juliet” feels ready for a stadium and a whole bunch of fans screaming along to the words.

As the track journeys on, the positive outlook shines through and frontman James mentioned “The “I’m overthinking this” lyric in the chorus is me telling myself to stop being so stupid and to not dwell on matters that are out of my control, to just enjoy what I’m doing.” 

It’s a track that secures that thought of living in the moment and staying present with the world. It feels like this single has come in a time of need for the globe, so thank you, Marsicans.

Photo credit: Ben Hale