‘apartment402’ is an atmospheric and slick new release from maxime.

The track is from the artist's upcoming third album the life and death of a dog.

The track is from the artist’s upcoming third album the life and death of a dog.

Montreal artist maxime. is wildly prolific when it comes to his output, and I would know because for the last few years I have been excitedly writing about each and every new release that the creative artist has released, wondering if he will run out of ideas and his uniquely defined sound will grow stale and uninspired.

Fortunately, as the artist builds towards the release of his third LP the life and death of a dog, that day doesn’t look to be coming anytime soon, with his latest single ‘apartment402’ feeling as thoughtful and vibrant as ever, with the artist’s distinctive vocal style and left-field production creating an atmospheric and engrossing listening experience that feels rewarding and exciting in his unique, lo-fi style. maxime. is an artist with endless creativity and a tonne of mileage left thanks to his subtle pivots in style and his outside of the box way of thinking and creating, the most predictable thing about him is knowing that each track will feel unpredictable and fresh, invariably making for exciting and memorable listening experiences.